Pura Scent Refill



Palo Santo: Notes of cedar, cypress, and sandalwood

Cardamom: warm cardamom, black pepper, cedar, and a touch of dry amber.

Santorini: Mediterranean fig, red currant, amber, and sandalwood

Fir & Grapefruit: Juicy grapefruit zest and the clean, fresh, woodsy notes of fir oils.

Original Barr Co: milk, oatmeal, vanilla, and vetiver 

Charcoal: Cedarwood, smoky embers, and burnt maple with just a hint of raspberry.

Wild Sage: pomelo, clary sage, and fresh air.

Santal Rock Rose: sandalwood combines with earthy, herbaceous rock rose 

Sea Salt Grapefruit: Sea salt, black pepper, and ripe grapefruit

Tobacco Patchouli: Rich, caramelly tobacco and creamy vanilla meld with cinnamon, nutmeg, and patchouli 

Cypress & Fir: Bergamot and lemon zest intertwine with cypress branches, Douglas fir, and pine garland 

White Bergamot: bergamot, grapefruit blossom, and green vetiver.

Washed Cotton: lavender and chamomile, reminiscent of freshly laundered cotton.

Lemon Sage: fresh ozonic accord and pure lemon zest with a subtle hint of sage.

Cocoa Almond: Roasted almond, hot cocoa accord, and chocolate latte 

Elderflower/Vetiver: With top notes of wisteria, lemon peel and grapefruit and grounded by a woody vetiver and patchouli base.

Big Sur: California cedar, amber, and musk.

Napa: black currant, Pinot Noir, and vetiver 

Sunday Morning: Top notes of pear and bergamot float above a heart of jasmine and gardenia with a heady base of amber woods.

Hawaii: Juicy pineapple and coconut combine with sandy shore breezes, ocean tides, cyclamen flowers, and just a hint of sugar cane. 

Linens & Surf: Freshly laundered linens radiate jasmine and creamy coconut with splashes of refreshing sea spray.

Coconut Santal: flowering hibiscus, lime, coconut, and hints of amber